Web application design

Employer Internet Brands, Inc.
Client iMatrix, Officite
Role UI, Visual Design, Interaction Design
As a Visual/UI designer in product team at Internet Brands Inc, I am responsible for creating user interface design of business web application and web presence management tools. I worked on user flows, designed interactive prototypes, wireframes and mockups to enhance the application’s functionality and usability. My role is to create a new interface design, while regarding current style guides, that allows the user to easily navigate and quickly complete tasks such as account management and secure data access. Working closely with the project, product manager, the UX, interaction designers and developers helped me define what features we needed to create a unique and performance driven product.
I worked on creating a multimedia galley that allows users to manage different types of media such as photos and videos. I used the current style guides and focused on the details in smooth user flows and interaction.
Final mock-up & Prototype
Portal / Service side user interface design
Another project I participated in was creating a smarter way for users to manage their personal information in Doctor's Portal. I have researched many different concepts and examples on how a well-designed setting menu for managing secured information should feel and look like. The system was created not only for sending information to the doctor, but also to enhance communication between the doctors and patients. The initial wireframe sketch was provided by a product manager.
Initial Sketch
Final Design & Prototype