Latest product designs

Employer ObEN, Inc.
Role UI/UX, Visual Design, Interaction Design
ObEN’s mission is to pursue the latest breakthroughs in personal AI technology across speech, natural language processing, and computer vision technology and explore how these advancements make the future of AI and digital interactions more lifelike and natural. Secured and authenticated on the blockchain, ObEN’s technology creates not only more productive, but also more personalized digital interactions. I was able to take advantage of great opportunities to participate in almost ongoing projects and products built on high technology at ObEN. As a UI/product designer working closely with product, research, and engineer teams, I created and translated early stage tech concepts into user-friendly experience designs.

Digital Wallet

A digital wallet for the cryptocurrency PAI Coin that securely and easily sends and receives PAI Coin with a simple-to-use app. Since the app’s first release in September 2018, the team has refined and iterated diverse concepts to create the best user experience.
Initial Launch
New Concept for Next

Mining Pool Online Portal

A web-based, public-facing portal that allows public miners to accrue cryptocurrency through mining.
Final Design

Healthcare assistant with 3D avatar

A medical health assistant app to help monitor patients in heart failure by using the healthcare assistant avatar and chatbot feature.
Initial Task Flow
Mid-Fi Mockup & Flow
Final Output